Financial Information

Watch an informative presentation from the School Committee regarding HCA’s tuition and budgeting process:

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees

All Tuition is due in full by June 1, or monthly from June 2020 through May 2021.


PK Three Day Program (Tues. – Thurs.) .....  


PK Five Day Program .....  


Kindergarten .....  


Grade 1-8 .....  



Holden Christian Academy Fees

APPLICATION FEE - $75.00 for first child, $25.00 each for additional children. This original $75.00 covers your family for a lifetime; for example, if you are an alumni, then you will only pay $25.00 for each application for your children.

SCHOOL SERVICE FEE - A yearly fee charged per family, reimbursable
A school service fee per family is charged each year and added to the family’s FACTS Tuition account. The rate charged and hours expected will be based on the current grade of the family’s oldest enrolled child. This program helps us to have parent involvement with the school and also helps the school to save money, not paying an employee for work that can be done by volunteers.

3-Day PK: $225 per year, 15 hours expected;
5-Day PK through Grade 8: $450 per year, 30 hours expected

A list of service hours jobs are available in the school office and will be published regularly in our Pathways newsletter. Hours may involve work at home, work at school during the school day, or help with school events or committees. Families are responsible to track their own hours on a form that will be provided by the office. Once a family provides proof of hours worked, the fee will be deducted from their remaining tuition balance. If a family has already paid their tuition in full, a reimbursement check will be issued.

Credits/Reimbursements will be pro-rated as follows:
Fewer than 50% hours served: 0% credit/reimbursement
50% - 99% hours: 50% 
100% hours: 100% 

CLASSROOM SUPPLIES FEES - based on grade, charged and payable before the beginning of the school year, through FACTS. Details can be found on our Summer page.

Holden Christian Academy Financial Policies

All families, whether paying in full or monthly, will enroll with FACTS as part of the enrollment process. All tuition, fees, and incidental charges (classroom supplies, field trips, logo items, After School program, etc.) are billed through this system.  
FACTS fees are as follows; this fee is determined by and paid directly to FACTS:

3-12 tuition payments: $50 per year per customer; 1 or 2 tuition payments: $20 per year per customer.

If a family chooses monthly payments and does not make payments starting in June, they will be responsible to make the total of June through August payments through FACTS before their child can start the school year. UPDATE AUGUST 13, 2020: with many families applying and enrolling later in the year, and not having planned for this situation and having the money put aside for private education, the School Committee is allowing a payment plan beginning in the month of enrollment, through May 2021. The tuition and fees due are a total for the year, paid either in full or broken down into monthly payments for your convenience. 


If a family withdraws their child(ren) from the school before school begins, they will be responsible for monthly payments through the month of notification of withdrawal. If a family withdraws their child from the school during the academic year, the family is responsible for the full tuition for the semester in which the child is participating. Semester break is at the end of Term 2, in late January. Exceptions to this policy will only be granted in the case of extreme hardship, subject to unanimous approval of the School Committee.

Delinquency of tuition payment will result in late fees and eventually jeopardize the child’s ability to continue in the school program.

Returned Checks:
There is a fee for any checks returned, equal to the amount charged by HCA’s bank.

Remote Learning:
Holden Christian Academy is committed to consistently deliver the school program, whether in our building or remotely, dependent on circumstances such as government mandates. If the building is closed due to any unforeseeable circumstances or events, including, but not limited to, any earthquake, fire, flooding, hurricane, tornado, any other "act of God", war, action or order by any governmental or civil authority, act of terrorism, epidemic, pandemic, state of emergency, or any other event beyond the control of Holden Christian Academy, remote instruction will be delivered as soon as is reasonable, practical and safe under the circumstances. 

In order to continue the program, and meet all areas of the school budget, it is imperative that all families commit to necessary remote learning activities, and continue to make regular tuition payments. 

In the event Holden Christian Academy’s building is closed for a period of time and must deliver course work remotely due to event under this clause, Parent agrees that Holden Christian Academy is under no obligation to cancel, waive, or refund any portion of tuition that has already been paid, or is due and owed, to Holden Christian Academy. 

Extenuating personal circumstances can be brought to the School Committee for consideration, allowing for delayed payment dates, postponing payments or restructuring payment plans.  If payment is not made, Parent is considered to be withdrawing their child(ren) and it is understood that immediate enrollment in another K-8 educational program is required by the state.

Financial Aid - Needs-based, applications yearly 

  • All families who are awarded assistance will be required to actively participate in activities to raise funds for the following year’s recipients. Participation in these activities will factor into award considerations in subsequent applications.
  • Financial Aid is available for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8. Exceptions will be made for Preschool students if they have a sibling in Kindergarten through Grade 8, or if they have received financial aid as a Preschool student during the 2019-2020 school year. 
  • Applicants can apply at There is an application fee of $35. This fee is paid directly to FACTS Grant and Aid, who processes our applications.  
  • Applications and supporting documentation required by FACTS Grant & Aid are due by April 30, 2020, to be considered in the first round of financial aid awards. If families miss this initial deadline, they may apply and provide supporting documentation by May 29, 2020, for consideration in the second round. Please be aware that the majority of financial aid monies will be awarded during the first round. 
  • Church Tuition Assistance form must be submitted to the office before awards are made.
  • Families must apply each year to be considered for an award, and awards will be based on current year applications; families might not receive the same award each year.
  • Award decisions are made by the HCA School Committee and will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Any appeals must be submitted via email to the School Committee for consideration.

    Please contact the HCA office if you have any questions about our school's tuition and fees. Call us at 508.829.4418 or email the school office at