Four Year Thematic Learning Cycle

Four year core curriculum learning cycle for Holden Christian Academy, a private Christian school in central Massachusetts

Year One Theme: Our Heritage

We examine our heritage as believers and as Americans.

  • Foundations of the Old Testament - Patriarchs through the Exodus
  • First Half of American History - Explorers through the Civil War

Year Two Theme: Unchanging God in a Changing World

We examine the results of decisions on nations - good changes and bad changes.

  • The story of the nation of Israel and their land - Joshua-Malachi
  • The story of our nation and our land - Post Civil War to the present

Year Three Theme: Great Civilizations

We examine the roots of our "Western" thinking juxtaposed to Christian world view.

  • New Testament: Kingdom of God - the greatest Kingdom of all; the transcendent Kingdom
  • Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation

Year Four Theme: Cultures in Contact

We examine how other cultures (non-Western) think and answer ultimate questions. We examine how missionaries respectfully go into a different culture, learn the culture and then use it as a springboard to present the gospel.

  • The Bible as one story; using the Bible as a missionary
  • Non-western cultures: Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America