279 Reservoir Street, Holden, MA 01520


Student, parent and professional testimonies about Holden Christian Academy, a private Christian school in central Massachusetts

clerestory-learning   "HCA teaches in ways I would want my own child to learn."
Click here to read a reference from Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D., Executive Director of Clerestory Learning and author of The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain.
holly2   "The curriculum at HCA allows children to study rich themes across all subject areas. Students and teachers are encouraged to engage in focused learning and construct new understandings without the pressures of high stakes state tests." 
Holly Dolan-Rourke, M.Ed., parent, Clinical Educator
wachusett   "I have been working at Wachusett Regional High School in Holden, MA for the past 11 years. I have noticed that over the course of the past five years the students I have worked with who are former Holden Christian Academy students excel in the classroom setting. These students are well-prepared for their entry to WRHS and eager and curious learners. To aid in instilling curiosity is an honor and the staff at Holden Christian should be commended for their hard work. On a side note, the students I have worked with have fond memories of the teachers and their preparation at your institution." Erin Dubzinski, Spanish teacher WRHS December 2012
 tim-m-1    "Holden Christian Academy provided me with an environment where I could develop spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and socially. Having recently graduated top of my class in Mechanical Engineering, I can look back to my formative years at HCA and see where my love for science and math was encouraged by the personal care and encouragement I received from my teachers. I also see in my trips to China, Puerto Rico and Guatemala the desire to reach the nations that was nurtured through HCAs emphasis on a strong spiritual background and a multicultural focus. I can confidently say that my life would have taken a very different path were it not for the years spent at HCA." 
Tim Marinone (UMass Lowell Graduate)
 rebecca    "My Christian education has made me a better student because in the environment I feel safe, wanted, and loved; as a result, I can really focus on my studies." 
Rebecca Johnson, 2003 HCA grad
 mark-h    "The individual attention and support I received during my years at HCA provided me with a strong foundation from which my character, academics, and faith could all continue to grow." 
Mark Helfrick, 1998 HCA grad, Ocean Acoustics Scientist
 kate    "The teachers at HCA made all the difference in my education. Not only did they love to teach, but they loved God and it showed in their lives. Their passion for God's will still inspires my studies and my worldview to this day." 
Kate Kohl , 1997 HCA grad, 2005 Gordon College grad
 jpeg navy tree only 2017    "Though I spent only my middle school years at HCA, those three years stick out in my educational career as years of in-depth learning, exploration, and growth. HCA provided an environment that both nurtured and challenged me, becoming a safe haven in what can often be a confusing time for teenagers. The teachers and administration at HCA shared the same core values and a vision for all of us students that translated into the way they taught us. Leading by example, they became more than leaders - they were mentors and role models. I am so thankful for my time at HCA, as it helped to mold me into a more confident student and laid the foundation for my success as an adult." 
Deborah Kerr, 1997 HCA grad