HCA Distinctives

Distinctives of Holden Christian Academy, a private Christian school in central Massachusetts

Would your child enjoy...

...being Pharoah for a day?

...becoming an inventor from 1893?

...constructing a pyramid, a medieval castle, or a ziggurat?

...exploring the life of a river from the shoreline?

Special days and events such as these reinforce the concepts we teach, sealing them in the treasury of your child's mind forever!


We start by developing yearly conceptual statements founded on Biblical Truth.


Thematic units focus instruction and integrate learning across the curriculum.


The best, most innovative memory building methods and materials bring God's world to life.

The result:

Your child will not only know the facts but, more importantly, will enjoy learning!

Children at Holden Christian Academy know how to think and reason for themselves because they "get the big picture" - the overarching concepts with which we began. Because their learning has been reinforced with context, logical sequence,and "hands on" activities, it has meaning and will be internalized, providing the foundation and motivation for all future learning.