Concept-Based, Integrated Curriculum

Concept-based curriculum and learning cycle of Holden Christian Academy, a private Christian school in central Massachusetts

Concept-Based Instruction

Each school year concept statements are developed. These statements provide a superstructure for the curriculum out of which flow the units of study for the year. They provide the thread that weaves our entire curriculum together thus minimizing fragmentation of subject matter. Our concepts are often based on the Bible content for the year preventing the artificial separation of secular and sacred studies. Some of the concept areas for the different years may include: Our Heritage, Unchanging God in a Changing World, Great Civilizations, & Cultures in Contact.

Integrated Studies

Using our concept statements as a guide, units are developed that integrate traditional disciplines. Studies in history, geography, science and Bible will have a common unit theme reinforcing and expanding one another. By using an integrated, unit-based approach, teachers (as well as parents) work together to combine resources and expand the units indefinitely. Children are often able to explore aspects of particular interest to them in each unit and individualize their learning. Children are given time for presentations to learn from one another.

Basic Skills

At the heart of every good elementary education are the basics. Learning well the skills of reading, writing, and mathematics will enable children to read, think about, and understand Man and the world of ideas in relation to God. These basics will be taught using logical, sequential and enriching methods (our integrated units). Because mornings are opportune times for learning, our mornings will be carefully protected so the children will have uninterrupted time to grasp these basic skills.

Curriculum/Textbook Choices

Our concept statements serve as our guide and a valuable tool for textbook and other resource materials selection. Instead of searching for a good textbook and then basing our curriculum around it, we are able to plan our units then find the best of the best to meet our needs. We freely use the best of both secular and Christian books and materials.