Summer Stuff

Summer Work for summer 2020 
Click into this page for Grades K-8 summer assignments.


Supply Lists 2020:

Preschool - fees charged through your FACTS account
$120 Preschool supply and naptime fee 
Each student's supplies include: beach mat, cubby box, markers, gluesticks, crayons, Preschool colored pencils and chubby pencils, scissors, playdough, rubber shoe covers for lots of outside play, disinfecting wipes, huggies wet wipes, paper towels, tissues. 

You will also need to send in an extra change of clothes in a large ziplock bag labeled with name (shirt, pants, socks, and underwear).


Grades K-8 -

Please also plan to bring in 3 tubs of Clorox wipes, and five paper masks as back up, for each student.

An additional fee per student will be charged through your FACTS account for supplies that will be used throughout the year.

$65 Teams A & B students (Grades K-4)

$50 Teams C & D students (Grades 5-8)

The amount of school supplies provided by each team varies and is reflected in this fee.

The fee was established to diminish the need for storage space, and to limit the supplies coming from multiple households (due to COVID-19). HCA will provide some individual school supplies (we will not be sharing pens, pencils, etc.). This fee also covers a roll-up beach mat with strap, to be used for outdoor learning activities and sent home at the end of the school year. This fee may be adjusted based on unforeseen circumstances during the school year. 

Click on the Supply Lists box below for supplies which every student should have to begin school in September.

For the Supply Lists for Grades K-8, ordering through their linked shopping sites is optional.  Please review your cart carefully if you choose to purchase through the online shopping links, to confirm correct items and quantities. Brands were listed for some items for online cart convenience only; see item descriptions to see if other brands are acceptable. Note: HCA does not benefit from your making these purchases through this website; it is provided for your convenience only.


Uniform Ordering Information

 for Preschool t-shirts, use the following for all students:
     Grade: PreK       Gender: Boys      Program: Phys Ed
     Short Sleeve Everyday Tee      Product Color: Royal