Parent Alert System


Parent Alert:
This phone system is used to communicate immediate information such as weather delays and cancellations (which you can also see on Channel 5 and the WCVB app).  Your home and cell numbers that you entered as part of the enrollment process are used with this system. You may receive text messages or recorded calls. If you do not answer, you should get a voicemail. If you miss a call from HCA 508-829-4418, please listen to any voicemail before calling the office, to avoid the office staff fielding a flurry of phone calls after a Parent Alert call is sent.

Occasionally, due to technical difficulties beyond our control, the message may come through garbled. If you need to listen to the most recent message, call the Parent Alert Replay Line: 866-665-4384. Please consider adding this as a contact number in your phone for future reference. 

We appreciate your help in this matter!