Virtual Tours and Instruction

Can't get to HCA for a tour at this time?  Check out these videos to see us in action instead! By clicking on the link for each grade, our amazing teachers will show you around their classrooms.   Even though we can't give you an in-person tour at this time, please check out these videos to hear our heartbeat and see us in action!    

Please note that some of these classrooms will look different in the fall as we work with guidelines regarding health and safety due to COVID-19.

Virtual Tours:

Grade 1
Grade 2 
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5 coming soon ...
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

HCA Overview watch this video and meet our incredible staff.

The Reason for this School - promotional video that clearly articulates the mission and core values of Holden Christian Academy. 

Virtual Instruction Examples:

Wish you could shadow a class at HCA?  Click the links below to take a peek at how we continued our commitment to creative learning and strong academics using a virtual platform during the pandemic closure in the spring of 2020.

Food for Life Lesson Part 1 March 24 2020 
Tooth Brush Tutorial
Preschool at Home Week at a Glance May 4 2020

Daniel Journal 

daniel journal

Grade 1:
First Grade Virtual Shadow Day

Grades 3/4:
Devotional with Ms. Rennie
Student Work from Grade 4

Middle School: 
Flower Dissection Lab
Language Arts Shadow Class


Here's what some of our parents shared, regarding our move to online learning:

"Mrs Caron did a nice job. Daily workload/ assignments sent the night before was a huge help. {My child} was in a much better/ comfortable spot in a challenging time when he saw Mrs Caron thru zoom calls and her pre recorded lessons, it calmed him. Workload was just right, we had to work hard at it each week but not overworked."
"{My child} did really well with Ms. Rennie's format for Math, where they learned together, worked on the assignments together, and corrected them together. It was super helpful for me as a parent working from home and managing other children, there was no printing or uploading needed from me, and he was able to complete his work in the time of the class. It felt like the closest thing to being at school as possible." 
"We enjoyed everything about zoom and the way my son's teachers were attentive." 
"The thing that worked SO WELL for {my child} was Mrs. Frelick's pre-recorded lessons so that {my child} could listen, pause, rewind as necessary." 
"I want to say THANK YOU for the personal phone call toward the beginning of quarantine, for truly hearing from parents about how remote learning was going on the front lines, and for being responsive and adjusting the pace of the Middle School lessons/content. As a parent, I felt we got better and better at doing this as time went on, and I'm so grateful for the partnership with the teachers in such a challenging season. Thank you for continuing devotions, class discussions, and chapel in addition to instruction....."
"Mrs. Cleveland is amazing, attentive, and an absolute gem."
"I think the school did a fantastic job this past year in dealing with the shutdown and rapidly moving to Google Classroom/Zoom to complete the remainder of the year with admirable results. It was a good lesson in the potential benefits of online/remote learning, and also a good lesson in the kind of compromises it brings."