Holden Christian Academy
279 Reservoir Street, Holden, MA 01520

School Committee

School Committee Members

Kristin Pollitt, Chair

Jim Bolivar, Holden Chapel Elder

Aracelis Arroyo

Tom Banyai

Jeremiah Benjamin

Nicola Cleveland

David Lundergan

Matthew Leahy

Deb Lucier

Judy Bleau, Secretary


The purpose of the School Committee, on behalf of the Holden Chapel, is to see to it that Holden Christian Academy (1) achieves appropriate results for appropriate persons at an appropriate cost, and (2) avoids unacceptable actions and situations.

Parents may bring an issue to the School Committee for consideration only after the steps of the HCA Family Covenant are followed. Because of the confidential nature of the School Committee meetings, meetings are not open to non-members of the Committee.