Middle School Teachers

Mrs. Rebecca Frelick, Fifth Grade Homeroom Teacher
Years at HCA: First year as a teacher 2019 Frelick

 - Whitinsville Christian High School
 - Worcester State University BA, Communication Major Visual Art Minor
 - Worcester State University, Med. (Masters of Health Education)
 - Happily married to Jacob Frelick
 - Four children (all attending HCA)
 - Donnie our beagle and Mark our rabbit
Three of my favorite things to do (in addition to promoting the Kingdom of God)
 - Reading
 - Listening to music
 - Trying new things 
This year I am excited about 
 - Getting to know the middle school students
 - The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 re-enactment
 - Gardening


Mrs. Nicola Cleveland, Sixth Grade Homeroom, Middle School Coordinator2019 Cleveland
Years at HCA: 15

 - Shepherd Hill Regional High School
 - Worcester State College, B.S. in Elementary Education
 - Happily married to Reed Cleveland
 - Three children - Caleb, Jacob and Hannah
Previous Employment 
 - Stay-at-Home/Homeschool Mom, 9 years
 - Inclusion Aide, Douglas Elementary School, 1 year
 - Teacher, Above and Beyond After School Program, 1 year
Three of my favorite things to do (in addition to teaching math and Bible)
 - Spending time with family
 - Spending time outside in nature
 - Baking
This year I am excited about
 - Helping my students succeed in math
 - Middle school field trips
 - Hosting the Redemptive Education conference

Life Verse: Phil 2:3-4

Mr. Jeremiah L. SheaMiddle School Language Arts/Seventh Grade Homeroom, Technology Specialist
Years at HCA: 22019 Shea

 - David Prouty High School (Spencer, MA)
 - Worcester State University BA in English Language Arts
Previous Employment
 - ELA advisor, Leominster Center for Excellence, Leominster, MA— 1 year
 - Special Education Classroom Aide, LABBB Collaborative, Arlington, MA— 1 year
 - Happily married to Kathryn Shea
 - Father of one beautiful, smart, and screeching toddler, Charity
3 Favorite Things
 - Teaching my daughter
 - Stories
 - Learning new things
3 Things I’m looking forward to
 - Learning about our family history
 - Chicago World’s Fair
 - Watching my students discover, learn, and teach each other about God’s great big beautiful world!

Life verse: Jer 29:11 & Rom 13:10

Mr. Dale Wadsworth, Eighth Grade Homeroom Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Years at HCA- 32019 Wadsworth

 - A.L. Brown High School, (Kannapolis, NC)
 - King University (Bristol, TN) – B.A. - Psychology
 - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (S. Hamilton, MA) – Theology
 - Salem State University (Salem, MA) - M.Ed. - Elementary Education
 - Salem State University (Salem, MA) – Educational Administration
 - Licensed Elementary School Teacher
 - Licensed Elementary School Administrator
 - Blessed to be married to Jennifer Huard
 - Five Daughters (one married, one engaged)
 - One grandson (so far)
Three of my favorite things to do (in addition to promoting the Kingdom of God)
 -Traveling with my wife
 - Working in the yard
 - Relaxing and grilling with friends and family on the deck
This year I am excited about
 - Witnessing the growth of students in knowledge and faith throughout the year
 - As a science teacher I am excited to be teaching the whole truth of the science curriculum including helping the students to see the grandeur of God, the Author of all sciences
 - As an Algebra teacher, I am excited to see students change from being apprehensive as they enter this higher-level math class to being confident in their ability to mix the alphabet with the numbers and operations of mathematics.

Life Verse: Isaiah 40:31

Mr. Gary HaywardMiddle School Teacher - Bible and History (adjunct)
Years at HCA: 24IMG_1119

 - Melrose High School, 1972
 - University of Massachusetts BA Sociology, 1977
 - Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity (1980)
 - Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry (1998)
 - 39 years of pastoral ministry
Previous Employment
 - Barre Congregational Church, 13 years
 - Eastern Nazarene College Adjunct Professor, 10 years
 - Clark University Adjunct Professor, 12 years
 - Anna Maria College, Adjunct Professor, 12 years
 - Happily married to my boss, Susan Hayward (42 years)
 - Other family stats = same as hers
Three of my favorite things
 - Spending time with wife, family, and friends
 - Watching British TV
 - Reading
This year I am excited about
 - Learning new things
 - Growing older
 - Wondering what God has in store for the future

Life verse: Philippians 3:7-16