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Apple Tree Planting at Holden Christian Academy

Food for Life is a program created by Holden Christian Academy. It integrates three areas into the regular subjects on a daily basis in every class PK-8. The areas include

  1. Gardening
  2. Nutrition
  3. Fitness

Each fall the K-2nd graders visit Brookfield Orchards. This year the visit was followed up with a visit to Hannaford’s in North Brookfield so that the children could make a connection of farm to store to home. Afterwards the students conducted a school-wide apple tasting event which included students voting for their favorite apples with the promise from the principal of purchasing some apple trees for the ever-expanding garden.

Because the students favored the sweeter varieties, two trees were purchased. One is a sweet variety called Honey Crisp. The other is a tree which has four types of apples grafted into one tree! Last week the students planted their two new apple trees so that in a short time they will be able to harvest their own apples. They’ve also learned a great apple song called the “Apple Pickers Reel”, that is sure to get you out in the orchard to pick your own next year.

IMG_6422.JPG IMG_6426.JPG

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