Good Fit

Twenty signs that your child’s school is a good fit.

Check all that are true for you and your child.
Your child wants to go to school.
Your child enthusiastically talks about what they are learning without being asked.
 Your child feels safe, wanted and loved at school.
 Your child is relaxed and happy socially most of the time.
When inevitable conflicts arise they are solved appropriately at school.
You feel comfortable with your child’s teacher(s) and trust that their values are reflective of your own.
You are welcomed at school and can be involved in the classroom.
There is a good student/teacher ratio and your child is receiving adequate individual attention.
 You see evidence that the school is sensitive to learning styles and differences.
You are happy with the resources, technology, fieldtrips, and enrichment activities offered.
 You know exactly what is being taught and by whom and feel comfortable with both.
 Your child is challenged to be physically fit, eat healthy foods, and is given time daily to exercise and breathe fresh air.
 Your child’s gifts and abilities are identified and encouraged.
Your child’s teachers are in close communication with one another and work together as a team for the benefit of your child.
 The curriculum is innovative, exciting, and completely laid out for the year so parents can participate and prepare.
Students are active participants in the classroom, not passive observers.
 Your child participates weekly in the Fine Arts- art, music, and theater.
Your child’s literature selections are carefully chosen to integrate with history, science and/or social studies.
You know the office staff by name and feel comfortable calling with any question.
Your child is free to express his/her own faith and learn through a biblical world-view.
If your score was
18-20 Congratulations! This school is a great fit!
16-17 This school is a pretty good fit.
14-15 Not a very good fit, if you stay keep in very close contact with the school.
13 or > This school is not meeting your child's needs or reflecting your values.

Why not visit HCA where the items on the survey are our daily priorities? The good news is that we welcome students at any point in the school year. Every year there are many students who find out that their school is no longer a good fit. We wouldn’t wear clothes or shoes that no longer fit so why allow a child to suffer for a year or more….after all we only have one childhood.

Complete our inquiry form or call for an information pack and/or tour today at 508- 829-4418.

You might just find HCA is a perfect fit!