Encore! Staff

Mrs. Janna JewettPhysical Education K-8
Years at HCA: Parent 11 years; Staff 6 yearsJanna Yearbook Picture 2015

 - B.S. in Health Science, Worcester State University
 - Happily married to Matt Jewett
 - Two boys
Three of my favorite things to do (in addition to promoting the Kingdom of God)
 - Visiting Walt Disney World
 - Reading
 - Teaching
This year I am excited about
 - Spiritual Emphasis Week
 - The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 re-enactment
 - Getting more physically fit alongside my students 


Corey LH LeeEnrichment Program Coordinator
Years at HCA: 2 2019 Lee

 - Quaboag Regional High School
 - Boston University, College of Arts & Sciences, BA Political Science, Minor Business Administration
 - Suffolk University Law School, Juris Doctor   
 - Married to Tommy J. Lee, Sr
 - One son who attends HCA
Three of my favorite things to do 
 - Golfing
 - Waterskiing
 - Spending quality time with my son, husband, friends and family
This year I am excited about 
 - Getting to experience the beauty life that unfolds in each ordinary day
 - Traveling with my family
 - Learning to savor inevitable changes as precious gifts from God


Mrs. Deb Lucier, Literacy Specialist/Librarian
Years at HCA : 162019 Lucier

 - Bartlett High School
 - Gordon College, BS Education
 - Wilson Academy, Dyslexia Therapist, W.D.T.
Previous & Current Employment
 - Wilson Reading Tutor
 - Second Grade Teacher, HCA, 4 years
 - Married to my best friend, Jon
 - Three kids in their 20's - all HCA Grads
 - 1 beautiful grandson
Three of my Favorite things to do
 - Go to the Beach in Maine
 - Hang out with my family
 - Go to football games
This year I am excited about 
 - Mentoring new teachers
 - Teaching students to read
 - Reading funny books during library


Mrs. Pamela Mikolajczyk (AKA Mrs. M)Visual Arts Teacher
Years at HCA: 15Mikolajczyk2018

 - Canton High School
 - Southeastern Massachusetts University (Now Umass Dartmouth) BFA-Illustration/Design
Previous Employment 
 - Luxtec Corporation- Graphic Designer
 - O’Leary Advertising- Graphic Designer
 - Founded and directed- The ART Project- private art classes and commissioned art
 - The Home Depot- Kitchen/Bath Department and store artist (I still work there on days I am not at HCA)
 - Happily married to John Mikolajczyk Jr. (31 years)
 - Three adult children (all HCA alumni)
 - 1 dog and 3 cats
Three of my favorite things to do
 - Spend time with family
 - Harvest and eat from our vegetable garden in our back yard
 - Help others with whatever I am able to do
This year I am excited about
 - Sharing my artistic talent with HCA students and staff
 - Planning to move the art room to the second floor
 - The themes of this year’s art curriculum are my favorite of all 4 years


Mrs. Marilyn Ravina, After School Program Staff

 - Southern Connecticut State College (New Haven CT) 2.5 years
 - Florida Institute of Technology (Marine Biology Major) .5year
 - Atlantic Union College 1.5 years to get my BS in Elementary Education
Previous Employment 
Aside from the unusual jobs like sailing, tree planting, grooming horses at a race track in Colorado, college student jobs on campus (keeping the jungle neat in Florida!) LOL...my real jobs were:

  • Multi-grade elementary teacher at the Warren SDA School
  • Homeschooling my two daughters whenever life permitted me to!
  • Special Needs Tutor at Leicester Public Memorial School and Nazareth Boy's Home
  • ELL (English Language Learners) Tutor at Leicester Middle School and High School
  • After School Program Teacher at Montessori School in Shrewsbury
  • After School Program Teacher at Holden Christian (5 years)

 - Married to Paul Ravina for 34 years--and although we are opposites, we work together well!
 - We have two daughters: Heidi (33 yrs old) and Rachel (will be 30 in May).
 - Heidi has two daughters April (almost 4) Sarah (almost 2) and a boy due in February (so exciting)
 - Rachel is getting her doctorate in English lit and likes being single and living in Jamaica Plains.
Three of my favorite things to do
 - Be creative in art - Play guitar and sing Christian music, paint, and sculpt
 - Being outsided - Sailing on ships where I can be a deck hand, gardening and keep making things from the garden
 - Work with children and tutoring all ages and languages 
This year I am excited about
 - Staying connected with the people I love at HCA
 - Giving gluten free cooking schools and vegan recipes at various places
 - Learning more about health and healing using natural remedies

Ms. Katherine Stewart (Miss Kat), After School Program Staff

Mrs. Lila SuchockiMusic teacher/ PrivateMusic Lessons
Years at HCA: 232019 Suchocki

 - Quabbin Regional High School
 - California College of Health Science (Associate)
 - 50 years of musical instruction and experience 
 - Married to Dan Suchocki
 - 2 children 
 - 3 grandchildren
3 of my favorite things to do
 - Leading worship music 
 - Hiking with my dogs
 - Spending time with my grandchildren
This year I am excited about
 - Sharing my love and passion for music with students
 - Mentoring students in the context of Worship Team
 - Our concerts at HCA