COVID Relief Fund

Donations will help to fill in the gap caused by missed fundraising opportunities, the delay of a generous long-time grant, and missed tuition payments due to the pandemic.

Together we can help one another:

  1. We need our families to stay current with tuition so we’ll all be able to bring back our whole staff and return next year in a positive place. Those who can pay do pay.
  2. Help one another. Knowing the generosity of our families, we are starting a fund called the HCA COVID Relief Fund.   

If you can and are led to do so, please make a donation to alleviate the pressure placed on the families and school due to Covid 19. 

Some may ask why HCA doesn’t just cover these fees? Honestly: We can’t! We’ve already had to lay off 13 employees and in order to continue to pay the teachers, keep school running and preparing for the Fall we need these funds on which our budget was based. 

We know that HCA students are not getting everything that they would by actually coming to school, so you may be wondering why you should continue to pay. 

Like all schools, we are working hard to provide all that we can. We’ve been in touch with dozens of Christian schools in Massachusetts and across the county. Not one is offering a discount or reimbursement. 

If we stop tuition payments now, without a miracle, HCA will most likely not be here for you next year. It’s that simple. Tuition is an investment in the immediate future.