Alumni Visitor Procedure:

We love our alumni!  We look forward to staying in touch with our graduates, especially to hear how they are doing in high school, college, the workforce, and beyond!  While we wholeheartedly welcome alumni visits, our current students and faculty are only available for visits during lunch and recess time. If an alum (high school or older) is looking to spend additional time at HCA, he/she must first contact the Office to find out if there are any volunteer opportunities on the day they are available.  We will make our best effort to provide volunteer opportunities on a case by case basis; however the length of an alumni’s stay is dependent on the needs of our current students and faculty.  


Non-Student Visitor Procedure:

If your child is a former HCA student and would like to visit “their class” on occasion, we welcome those visits during our current lunch/recess period only.  Please contact the Office to make a reservation so that our teaching staff and students are prepared for your visit. Due to safety concerns, we ask that parents of younger visitors remain on campus during their visit.