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Yearly Forms:

***Please complete 2016-2017 enrollment packets on ParentsWeb***


School Service Survey 

2016-2017 Supply Lists (by grade)    Preschool               K-4                   5-6                       7-

Reading Tracker Grades K-2   Keep track of minutes read each day; at least 10 minutes per day 5 days a week = a special reward when you return to school!      

Grade 1 Summer Reading Activities-Part 1                Grade 1 Summer Reading Activities-Part 2

Grade 2 (2017)  Reading: in addition to completing a summer reading chart, students should continue to practice  reading and spelling grade 1 trick words (see Grade 1 review). Use chalkboards, write them on the sand while you're on vacation or with water at the poolside. Get creative. Students who have mastered the grade 1 list can preview the grade 2 list (see Grade 2 preview).

Math: students should work on addition and subtraction facts to 12. Please register at  and work on these facts regularly. The app is free if you use a laptop or computer but there is a small fee if you want to use the app for your phone or tablet.

Fundations Grade 1 review        Fundations Grade 2 preview

Grade 3 Language Arts and Math

Grade 4 Language Arts          Grade 4 Math


Grade 5 Language Arts            Grade 5 Math  2017                 

Grade 6 Language Arts            Grade 6 Math    2017                                                             

Grade 7 Language Arts            Grade 7 Math      2017         Grade 7 Math Tracking Sheet                                                                 

Grade 8 Language Arts              Grade 8 Math       2017       Grade 8 Math Tracking Sheet